Talent Concept

Human resources are the source of corporate competitiveness, excellent staff billion cubic is the most valuable asset, million cubic willing to provide a good working environment, rights and training and development opportunities for staff;   Elite advocacy capable, the commonplace under the principle of employment;   Elite advocacy work culture that encourages play, but things will not put an end to personal life skills and occupies an important position, so talents both ability and integrity find their way;   Elite advocate positions can go up or down, wages promoted or demoted, personnel can be a market-oriented employment mechanism.

Talent Development

1, training and career development Personnel training is the key to sustainable development Elite Holdings. Through internal personnel selection, training, hard work made long, but also through the introduction, selection, study and fulfilling. Managers at all levels to guide and train the internal growth of talent, but also encourage the staff recommending qualified to join the billion cubic career. Satisfied merely not really outstanding in their own good, can cultivate more excellent successor is every manager's responsibility and mission. Successor upbringing or introduce, and help them play an important role as a billion cubic contribute to the cause, as a manager to assess levels and key indicators mentioned liter. Companies encourage employees to establish the concept of lifelong learning, and strive to create learning opportunities for staff, enrich knowledge and enhance their professional skills. The date of entry of the new employees, the company will provide training, job training, job rotation, training and other forms of management, multi-level training to help employees to quickly integrate into the team, master professional skills to enhance job performance. 2, trainees and training program RESEARCH seminarians training program is to train billion cubic holding company's future management talent, promote the company's continued success in the future and start competition personnel training programs. The program provides trainees systematic training program designed to train a group of one hundred million Lixin force development and innovation within the next three to five years. Elite Holdings willing in the near future to provide a broader space for development and more development opportunities for them. 3, pay and benefits Remuneration for work and treatment, firmly tilted to the excellent staff, according to market-oriented distribution, reward, the Contribution. Not at the expense of long-term interests of the enterprise to accommodate short-term maximization of individual and group interests, relationships with shareholders, customers, employees win three principles as the interests of the company and employee income. Remuneration of the Company include: basic salary, wages assessment (based on individual performance evaluation results), performance bonuses (based on company and individual performance benefits, share earnings). Benefits provided by the company include: pension insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance fund; various types of statutory holidays, annual travel, holiday benefits, annual physical examination, employee care sympathy, recreational activities and annual meetings.