YILI Holdings chairman Liu Lin to visit Central and Eastern Europe

Posted on:2016-04-20


April 6 - 15 days, Yili holdings Chairman Liu Lin was invited as a member of the enterprise follow-up group, follow by vice governor of Hunan Province He Baoxiang delegation's visit to Poland, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and other countries, Li billion Holdings under bilateral trade, mutual investment, mobile payment, modern agriculture, such as cross-border electricity supplier multiple investment field, and local political and business mechanism of multi contact, and actively look for business opportunities, to further expand their international market.
The 16 countries of Eastern Europe is an important emerging market in Europe, is also our country to promote the key areas for the implementation of "The Belt and Road" strategic cooperation. In order to strengthen the docking "The Belt and Road strategy to promote Hunan's open economy development, Hunan province has formulated the" strategic docking The Belt and Road "special action plan, set up a special contact European business affairs agency, successfully launched by Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany international freight trains Hunan Europe Express and, the 16 central and Eastern European countries as an important target market, and actively promote economic and trade cooperation and interoperability.
Li billion holding known as Hunan Province comprehensive investment company, investment management relates to mobile payment, Internet banking, smart devices, cross-border business, fashion jewelry, biological science and technology, culture and tourism, modern agriculture, new media, many high-quality companies, business radiation in mainland China and Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other overseas markets. The visit, Li billion Holdings chairman Liu Linchu and local political and business institutions to carry out exchanges and cooperation in multi level will also help contact with the depth of the local political and business institutions, for Li billion Holdings into central and East European market open channel.
Poland, local time on April 7, Liu Lin as the representative of Hunan Entrepreneurs, in Warsaw, Poland met respectively with Chinese ambassador to Poland, Xu Jian, the Polish parliament's Economic Commission Vice Chairman Cola Chikovskiy, Polish national railway freight company chairman Libishefusiji. And with the Polish information and investment bureau director Mayman, Poland's largest Chinese funded enterprises Voss Group Chairman Zeng Xiaohui and the State Development Bank Poland project responsible for Bing is Poland's ecological agriculture, mobile payment industry development in-depth exchanges, investment and cooperation in related fields about preliminary ideas.