Billion billion in Europe and the euro Holdings

Posted on:2016-02-02

"Public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples' when the slogan into a social upsurge, so a group of people born with the proud to change the world, let the charm of innovation and entrepreneurship is illuminated into reality. On the afternoon of February 2, 2016, million euro net Changsha cross salon in Yuelu District, Changsha Hunan copote Science & Technology Park successfully held, Yuelu District, Changsha Economic and information bureau director Ding Guicai, billion Li holdings Chairman Liu Lin attended the salon.
The theme of the salon for innovation and entrepreneurship Yuelu share by million euro net hosted Li billion holding, Changsha City Commerce Association Co, guests to share except billion European Network co-founder WB such Internet business elite, more real estate network founder wearing jump, Jun Xing Wu, chairman of venture capital, such a pioneer in the field of venture capital, nail payment co-founder Yin Bo, Tongcheng business CEO Yu Fang, 58 public record CEO Wu Kuo, smart refrigerators, Haier project person in charge of the bamboo, cut cake Prince co-founder Jiang Jinya, Yi cloud co-founder Yi Xia and so on six walking in a industry innovation road guide.
In the event, nine guests to share the topic is also very popular: "second tier cities of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship how break out of an encirclement", "a Alibaba where" visionary but as full of deep thinking on the topic, let attended by nearly 300 guests benefit bandit shallow, collision point of view, cross-border cooperation, effect highlight.
Li billion holding as the industry's leading integrated Ventures Group Company, with good Internet industry gene and years of venture capital practice experience, not only for enterprises to provide funds for development, management experience, technical output, such as a full range of support, also based on the local community, looking at the world, committed to the discovery of the mobile Internet era has unique and innovative ability of enterprise quality and talent team with international vision, provide better opportunities for development and broader development platform for its, is a staunch supporter of the enterprise quality and outstanding entrepreneurs and ideal partners.
The salon Li billion holding hand in hand million euro net is hope through million European Network for entrepreneurship and innovation talent of Changsha and even the whole Hunan Province to build a new platform for cross-border cooperation, through the sharing of industry have a large coffee of the entrepreneurial process and entrepreneurial experience, rich and innovative service mode and content, wide business innovators bring more practical guidance and reference, and look forward to in the next in 2016, the segments on the Internet can emerge more impressive outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurial team, accelerate the innovation and development of Changsha Yuelu o2o business.