Nails paid CEO Yin Bo won "Industry Influence People Award"

Posted on:2016-06-23

July 21, 2016 to 22, the fifth China Business Summit, the annual economic field peak dialogue was held in Beijing. The summit of "Chinese qualitative change: new challenges and opportunities" as the theme. Focus groups, enterprises and entrepreneurs under the new normal economy, to explore their creative exploration and growth path. The government invited the National Statistics Institute, the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, National Development Research Institute of Peking University, China Construction Bank, China Zheshang Bank, a century Life, Suning Group, ENN, and telecommunications networks, etc. , and other companies, academics and media representatives in the field of participants.

Abstract won industry awards figures.

Nails paid CEO Yin Bo was invited to attend the summit, with the 2015 results and the payments industry nail pay enormous influence in the mobile, Yoon Bo pick for Financial Summit "influential people in the industry award." Award, as well as red beans Group President Zhou Hai Hung, chairman and CEO Xiangdong whom to learn, share Ma Honggang chairman earth, holding music, as vice chairman Li Rui, president of Metro China Long Xi, deputy general manager Chen Chen Heng Yuan Xiang Group, accompanied pay CEO Li Huimin, Wu Qiang, vice president of OPPO Internet and other role models in the financial sector.






Prospective view affect the payments industry

Internet era, thinking, decided way. Yin pothi a forward-looking view, such as "payment that is marketing," "business entity data for the core assets", "cashier to become the Internet financial portal", "too small and micro business world" to subvert the people's payment of understanding.

Yin Bo pointed out that "payment that is marketing the" new normal under. Today's cashier, payment method means that the user traffic. Existing mainstream methods of payment including cash payments, CUP card payment, Alipay, micro-channel payment, NFC near-field payments, businesses can also be an electronic membership card independent release, e-coupons, physical card coupons, buy platform coupons and other payment and verification, payment on behalf of the user traffic, which means that a variety of new marketing channels. Meet a variety of payment methods, which won such payments traffic, or they may lose part of the user.




Yin Bo believes that the data will become the core of the business assets of the entity. In the Internet age, information transparency, intense homogeneous competition. The future, how to enhance the core competitiveness of businesses? Only differentiated data, the value of data mining behind, forming a differentiated experience to the formation of differentiated competitive. Nails payment to cover the entrance, data associated payment data and sales, inventory, finance, management, intelligent data by members of management, marketing management, operation monitoring, to guide decision-making, financial analysis, while optimizing the consumer experience, to help small and micro businesses to enhance the core competitiveness.

Yin Bo, merchant cash register provides access to Internet banking, China has 80 million small and micro businesses, it will have to be small micro-world. Nails payment smart POS machines as the carrier, small and micro businesses around the Internet needs a series of resources, financial institutions and the Internet APP intelligent cloud applications to import cash register systems, to provide comprehensive Internet financial services for small and micro businesses, including the integration of third party payment, credit, bank financing and other Internet financial resources.




Team R & D results affect the payments industry

Yin Bo incisive ideas and innovative practice, the achievements of nails paid. Based on the mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data technologies such as nail pay successfully developed a national leader in intelligent cash register equipment (nail POS +) and intelligent cloud silver system (Nailpay OSTM).

2015 POS + nail products officially listed, a listing on access to the majority of small and micro businesses sought after, attracting tens of thousands of registered users. Unlike most Internet companies burn grab the user's marketing model, nails, pay more attention to customer needs with product advantages solve customer acquisition, in the absence of large-scale capital investment subsidy user, just two years namely, the development of tens of thousands of users , in one fell swoop changed the traditional routine of Internet entrepreneurs burn.

Nails payment smart POS machines for small and micro business entities to solve several major problems: integration of payment card coupon marketing, membership management, data analysis, industry applications, financial services, to help tens of thousands of small and micro businesses to achieve transformation of the Internet and the entrepreneurial dream .




When payment products on the market is still concerned about the integration of the payment, the nails have to pay layout explore business intelligence ecosystem of Internet 4.0 era, China's mobile payment innovation has opened up a new way of thinking. Help the business run smarter, while the development of Smart City made outstanding contributions.