Nails Pay awarded China Business's Award

Posted on:2016-07-22

July 22, 2016, the fifth China Business Summit in Beijing recently successfully concluded. The summit, "Chinese qualitative change: new challenges and opportunities" as the theme, focus on exploration and innovation under the new economic growth path of normal business. Nail payments, mobile payments innovation as business representatives, won the "2016 Award for Internet financial business model." At the same time there are so honored Sequoia Capital's present financial thick, flat Anpu Hui, investment loans, payment and other well-known Internet Communications financial enterprises!




Nails POS +, providing access to Internet banking

China has 80 million small and micro businesses, small and micro businesses is China's most economically active, but also the most room for growth in the future market. However, small and micro businesses how to access the Internet development of the financial planning industry has been the problem.




Nail pay in the domestic first proposed the "POS +" theory, and applied research and development of intelligent POS machines, to promote "pay to connect everything," the idea to solve this problem will provide a breakthrough. To cover the access port, one serial merchant cash register, sales, membership, inventory management, customer service, marketing and other areas, integration of external resources on the other hand, introducing intelligent cloud cash register systems, small and micro businesses to introduce third-party payment, credit institutions , commercial banks, insurance companies, public institutions, B2B supply chain and B2C supply chain and other resources, to provide intelligent cloud cashier for the small and micro businesses, membership cards, coupons, micro-channel marketing, CRM, business applications, finance and investment, microfinance services a full range of intelligent integrated financial services.

Thus, the smart financial POS machine for the Internet to reach small and micro businesses provides entrance. Nail pay for the construction of all interconnected business intelligence ecosystem, provide theoretical support closed-loop. The key to a closed-loop, and that the data associated with each link each intelligent cloud resources through a cash register system, data provided by big business decision support to businesses, providing services to the needs of each resource model and parties quantitative basis.




Mobile payment innovation

Pay research and development leading intelligent cash register equipment (nail POS +) and intelligent cloud silver system (Nailpay OSTM), nail payments known as "smart POS machines inventor" theory based POS +, nails.

Nails payment product innovations, lies in the integration of payment at the core, all around the Internet needs of small and micro businesses, to help small and micro businesses to solve several major pain points: integration of payment card coupon marketing, membership management, data analysis, industry, finance and banking service.




With mobile payment smart POS machines and innovation to help businesses access the Internet, intelligent management, intelligent POS machine nail pay tens of thousands of users to quickly break, covering 22 provinces, eventually picking won the "2016 Award for Internet financial business model." Nails pay, not only in the search for a comprehensive mobile payments to finance the transition, but also led to China 80 million small and micro businesses Internet transformation, providing a landing platform for the Internet entrance and finance.