Nails POS + traditional retail industry "Internet +" transformation

Posted on:2016-06-30

China's payment is undergoing two major changes: First, the line mobile payments become mainstream payment; Second, the online payment transfer move to line the store. Changes in payment methods, direct impact on the way the traditional retail cash register, and the business model and transition to traditional retail and services industry has brought more profound impact. Nails POS +, for the traditional retail industry solutions integration payments, and pay with a series of marketing, management and other value-added services to help retailers succeed in transition.





Mobile payment is a double-edged sword

It turned out, reminding with "three-piece" - cell phone, keys and wallet. Due to popular pay treasure, and other micro-channel payment and NFC mobile payments, in many cases we use the phone to replace the wallet temporary. As we walk in the night run community or even work most of the time, we do not need to carry a wallet. Small street vendors, community supermarkets, large high-end supermarkets, retail product or service almost all of us want, and can be done through micro-channel or pay Alipay.

Afterwards without looking for change, not afraid of receiving counterfeit currency, subject to site constraints, no long lines to wait for the cash register, and efficient mobile payment popular with businesses and consumers. If there is one business does not support mobile payments, it is likely to lose a number of transactions, and even about to hand transaction interrupted.

On the one hand, mobile payment is becoming one of the most common consumers of payment, mobile payments meet business deal can be achieved more quickly; on the other hand, the mobile payment is assuming the situation pluralistic differentiation, only UnionPay card payment, Alipay payments, micro-channel payment is required three devices, such as the rise of NFC near-field payment Apple pay, sansung payments more mobile payment, so merchants cashier become crowded complex, reconciliation more difficult. Mobile payment is a double-edged sword, the urgent need to integrate payments, simplify cash register, fund collection, reducing the cash register accounts.

Business urgent need drainage line

In addition to changes in mobile payment, payment of another major change - the rise of online payments - it is also forcing the traditional retail industry toward O2O business models direction of change.

Since the rise of Internet shopping, online shopping behavior of consumers has become a habit. On the one hand, many traditional retail industry, small and micro businesses, have realized the importance of online payment drainage through micro mall, e-cards distributed coupons, buy a variety of platforms and other channels under the guidance of online payment or online orders, thereby directly store bring new traffic, increase repeat customers to shop rates. On the other hand, a variety of giant e-commerce company, is to seize the online traffic and turn down the front, the entity set up shop experience, so that competition in the retail industry has become more brutal.

According to the "major retail businesses (supermarkets, traditional) closed shop statistics" showed that nearly several major national retailers (department stores, supermarkets) Close number followed, in 2013 closed 23, 2014 201, 2015 2154, 2016 retail stores closed in the first quarter the number of new high, closed shop stop was the explosive growth.

Traditional retail industry, an urgent need to shop, product or service onto the Internet, out of the limitations of shops and stores location area of ​​the line competition, we must also carry out drainage online competition.





“NailPOS+”traditional retail industry transformation entrance

To help achieve rapid transformation of the traditional retail industry, to deal with the impact of the Internet payments market and nail to pay in the domestic first proposed POS + solutions, and develop intelligent cash register POS + terminal.

Nails POS +, in order to meet business integration payment based on a set of equipment to meet the CUP card payment, micro-channel payment, Alipay payment, NFC payment and other mainstream payment methods, simplify cash register, fund collection, management accounts clearer, reconciliation is more efficient and accurate .

Fusion meet payments, but the reform of the cash register, but deeper problems, such as confusion data reporting, customer behavior analysis key is not accurate, and so is the sales model of the old traditional retail hinder development of the industry. For these three key issues, nails POS +, opened the pay and marketing, management, and other data and resources to help complete the traditional retail industry data normalization regulation, unified reporting, build customer files, customer consumption records, to facilitate customer behavior analysis, to achieve online drainage, expand sales channels for the retail industry, especially small and micro businesses to provide low-cost, low-threshold, high efficiency of transformation of the entrance.

Differentiated service models and business models

Retail industry growing homogenization of products, differentiated services will be the main competition in the direction of the retail industry. Consumers originally focused primarily on product quality and price, and the era of homogenization consumers are more concerned about the brand and quality of service. Nails POS +, introducing electronic membership cards, coupons, envelopes, micro-letters, membership management system. Merchants can distribute coupons, red in the off-season, holidays send blessings and promotional merchandise information, the establishment of effective interaction, social contacts between businesses and consumers, enhance customer loyalty. Business can members of consumption data, divided Key members, ordinary members, the sleeping members, to differentiate promotions, stimulate members to a membership card recharge, redeem, use member discounts and privileges to attract members of Japan to the store experience new, award boot old customers with new customers, rich marketing activities to achieve increased revenue.

Meanwhile, the traditional business nail POS + access O2O platform, micro-mall, buy platform and other marketing channels to help traditional retail industry to achieve double sales online and offline mode, the establishment of multi-channel sales model. Merchants paid nail application market optionally make use of micro-channel, micro-mall, buy and other platforms for consumers surrounding shops, send electronic membership card, card vouchers, led to further consumer online payment form combining online and offline full drainage channel customers, product promotion to increase coverage, response and conversion rates, single way to resolve past shops to promote its deficiencies.

In addition, version 2.0 Invoicing is applicable to any form of retailers, buyers, aggregate sales data, return orders, inventory warning, inventory and other data detailed, clear columns category. In the background data center, businesses can view the data on a commodity sales, reduce inventory risk, assist merchants reasonable control of inventory, goods on display.

Nails POS +, transition provided with fusion payment function of intelligent cash register equipment, Internet transformation more retail business provides access to Internet tools and thinking, by optimizing the business model and service model not only for the traditional retail industry "Internet +", enhance core competitiveness. Nails POS +, by providing high-value services around payment chain, to help traditional retail stores to enhance operational capacity and efficiency, revenues in order to achieve transformation.