Hunan enterprises won Internet financial awards

Posted on:2016-07-22

July 21-22, the fifth China Business Summit in Beijing successfully held a grand. The annual economic sphere pinnacle event brings together well-known economists, government authorities, business representatives, media leaders and other role models. Hot topics of the summit include "Internet +, entrepreneurship and innovation, China made Moses, internet banking, mobile life".





Hunan innovative mobile payment business representatives - nail payments invited to attend the summit. With outstanding achievements and influence in the field of mobile payments, payment of nail won the "2016 Award for Internet financial business model." As the only company in Hunan innovative payment brand, nail pay with innovation and exploration in the field of mobile payments, intelligent POS machine industry has a pivotal position, to fill the gaps in Hunan enterprises innovation in the field of mobile payments. At the same time there are so honored Sequoia Capital's present financial thick, flat Anpu Hui, investment loans, payment and other well-known Internet Communications financial enterprises.

According to iResearch data show that in 2016 China third-party mobile payment transactions reached 15.72492 trillion yuan, by 2019 China will reach a third-party mobile payment 35.35741 trillion yuan. eMarketer expects 2016 China will have 195.3 million people use mobile payment in 2020 will exceed 50% of smartphone users will use mobile payment, China is the world's largest and fastest growing mobile payments market.





Nail pay China first proposed "POS +" theory, advocated "pay to connect everything" redefine smart POS machines. Nails pay full layout catering, scenarios under various lines supermarkets, convenience stores and other communities, the market share of the rapid increase in mobile payment line market leading position in China. Nails intelligent POS, POS machines on behalf of domestic forefront of technology, smart POS machines brand leaders. Through more than a year of development now has tens of thousands of users, the product distribution in more than 20 provinces, Hunan greatly improved position in the field of mobile payments innovation.

Internet and cloud computing technology, giving Gordon a rare opportunity for development enterprises. Nails payment will seize the opportunity to use the Internet, mobile payments, cloud computing and big data technology, integration of third-party payment, the Internet, e-commerce, insurance, banking and other financial resources, promote small and micro business intelligence business through universal application of intelligent POS machines. It is reported that the payment has already been created and the National nail Christie together, based on the construction of urban WIFI, intelligent POS link as a link, the use of big data and cloud computing technologies to small and micro businesses cashier entrance for urban construction and contribute their wisdom Tan part.