YiJian Financial won Internet financial business model award

Posted on:2016-07-22

July 21, 2016 to 22, the fifth China Business Summit in Beijing held a grand. YiJian Financial on behalf of companies invited to attend, and won the "Award for Internet financial business model."




China Business Summit is thought one of the most influential event in the economic sphere. The summit of "Chinese qualitative change: new challenges and opportunities" as the theme, the elite from business, academia, media and the arts and culture and other fields come together, hot supply-side reforms, development of the Internet financial industry, Internet +, Chinese wisdom made, etc. major national strategic issues. Site 58 delegates enterprise groups, Heng Yuan Xiang Group, Hongdou Group, tidal Acer, Fang Tai Group, China Everbright Bank, the payment Communications, Digital, music language communication, Amore Pacific, China, Amway (China) and the like.


YiJian Financial Service Xuefeng: the sun help pay for the healthy development of Internet banking

Vice president of YiJian Financial Service Pan Xuefeng invited keynote. He said the mobile payment, the balance of treasure and the rise of micro-channel payment represented financial year 2013 is the Internet. After 2 years of brutal growth in 2015 to enter the first year of supervision, since mid-July 10 ministries jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Internet banking" from the regulators continuous issued a series of regulatory documents. December 2015, the central bank issued a "non-bank institutions to pay Internet payment business management approach." Self-discipline as an important import and export flows to third party payment companies, represented by non-bank payment institutions from the source to curb the "fake Internet banking," the long-term development of the entire financial industry, the Internet is significant.

Pan Xuefeng said gold is easy to see the sun always adhere to the payment service, to respond positively to regulatory policies, set a good example to lead the industry get to the root of new wind, boost the healthy development of Internet banking.  


YiJian Financial Service : Internet financial business model

YiJian Financial Service has served from the technical research and development, product operations to marketing professional, efficient, and improve the team, to provide payment finance, marketing, management, e-commerce trinity data solutions, and is widely used in postal services, direct marketing, chain, Welfare, fund and wealth management industries. Gold is easy to see that China is committed to serve the overwhelming majority of small and medium micro enterprises to pay for the entry of financial data services.span>




YiJian Financial Service in more than 800 candidate companies stand out, won the "Award for Internet financial business model," while there are so honored Sequoia Capital's thick of the financial, the city transit investment's investment loans, payments, and other famous Communications Internet financial enterprises. Pan Xuefeng said the service is easy to see Kim Sun will continue to adhere to pay attention to risk control and Internet technology innovation, grasp the opportunities for development of Internet banking, industry innovation to maintain stable development of a model image.