YiJian & Gold cardholders pay a strategic cooperation

Posted on:2016-03-21

Yi Jian Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: easy to see gold service) and one of the earliest third-party payment company, formerly a subsidiary of China UnionPay - cardholders pay signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will payments platform, market operations and other cooperation in the MPOS depth cooperation.

Gold is easy to see clothes will pay the national market as a key strategic partner cardholders, following cardholders pay - pay letter through the national brand market operators landing to small and micro business as a breakthrough to help finance the construction of Pratt & Whitney.


Gold service is easy to see China's leading financial service provider data systems. Has from the technical research and development, product operations, to expand the market for efficient, perfect, professional team. Adhere to scientific and technological innovation and product-oriented, focus on customer experience and market feedback, to create a proprietary visible gold BPOS service and industry solutions, boosting China's millionaires small and micro business innovation and stable development.


Easy to see gold suit focused industry segments to provide payment finance, marketing, management, e-commerce trinity data solutions. Currently in the postal chain, the tobacco industry has accumulated a wealth of experience and market resources integrated payment solutions industries.


The partnership will accelerate cardholders pay - channel pay through a comprehensive brand landing. September 2015, cardholders paid by listed companies Dahua Intelligent (002,512) Acquisition, with the power of capital markets, accelerate the development of online, offline payment services integration, building specialties financial payment system.