YiJian mobile Internet service invited to attend the 2016

Posted on:2016-03-20

March 31, 2016 --4 1st, Yuelu Mobile Internet Summit will be held in Changsha, Jiaxing Buddha hotel industry gather to discuss the first mobile Internet industry in Changsha, Hunan, Changsha will build a nationwide mobile Internet entrepreneurs "Fifth City" .

Invited to attend the national ministries and provincial and municipal leaders, invited guests have easy to see Wu Sen, President Kim clothes, and Zhang Xiaolong, Wu Xiaobo, Xiongxiao Ou, YaoJinBo mobile Internet industry chiefs, as well as business representatives, experts and professors of universities, investment and financing institutions representatives, the audience of about 3,000 participants.

The summit was organized by the Changsha Municipal People's Government of Hunan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Hunan Radio and television stations. Around the "mobile life, in Sri Lanka as containing" the summit themes keynote speeches, forums, awards, project contracting and project roadshows agenda on various aspects of the development of the Internet industry in depth and extensive exchanges, share development experiences and explore new Internet dynamic.

The two-day General Assembly, heroes gathered for mobile live sound. Six virtual and reality blend the theme of the Forum, 100 large coffee industry experts to discuss industry hot topics.

Internet Hunan millions, thus join the festivities, exciting content sustained attention, we will be March 31 - in real-time announcement April 1.