Suning Appliance layout of the mobile electricity supplier entrance

Posted on:2016-07-05


Promoting cooperation: the value of complementary channels

  Internet retail O2O mode, further highlights the value of the channel. Undoubtedly, the channel value is the basis of the complementarity of bilateral cooperation. As a Chinese leader in commercial enterprises, Suning Appliance's massive user data deposition and reliable supply a wide range, covering the traditional home appliances, consumer electronics, integrated category, department stores, daily necessities, books, virtual products. As a leading provider of financial data, it is easy to see gold clothes have quality online and offline customer groups. The two sides will share financial data, consumption data, based on the cross-border integration of big data + pay electricity supplier to achieve consumer demand for big data analysis to purchase channels direct supply direct closed loop then consumer channels. Complementary channel depth value, both for the introduction of new market growth point, will become the industry model innovation model.


The new play: "one dollar Indiana" crowdfunding consumption

  The cooperation project "one dollar Indiana" is the popular mobile Internet platform crowdfunding new consumption concept, each user only the lowest one yuan a chance to win a high-value prizes, low-threshold crowdfunding model highly interactive and interesting. Indiana different from other platforms, is easy to see gold dress monobasic Indiana using integral play, you can participate in an integration project one yuan Indiana, do not have to spend the equivalent of a dollar, you can get the opportunity to extract a luxury car and other awards. Activities, prizes screening based Suning Appliance consumer data analysis, prizes are provided by the Suning Appliance to ensure quality.

  The application will be easy to see in the near future on gold wire service APP, can effectively enhance direct service is easy to see the gold value-added products, improve user stickiness and user frequency.

Signal: the intention of showing off electricity supplier

  And general online shopping is not the same, "one dollar Raiders' main purpose is to pull traffic, cited sentiment, rather than commodity trading, the two have in common is a hardware and software platform with high demands. Such activities will attract a large flow of financial data, customer information flow, needs a stable background and scientific support for the model and algorithm, which is electronic business platform and payment service providers in terms of the great test. "Drive traffic and improve the user experience is the process of adaptation of hardware and software, supply chain, logistics and testing process." The partnership is easy to see the layout of mobile service providers gold entrance start. Earlier, build business platform has been written and easy to see gold service development plan.

  Gold is easy to see the layout of the mobile service providers entrance, it is to expand the scope of services, the first step to enhance the value-added products, which can effectively enhance the brand value of the gold dress is easy to see. Hand in mature partner Suning Appliance electricity supplier, electricity supplier will increase service space, to promote easy to see that gold is currently serving business model transformation and upgrading brings a strong driving force.