Nails payment POS products first to support Apple Pay

Posted on:2016-02-18

February 18, Apple announced, reached a cooperation with China UnionPay, the Chinese mainland official on-line Apple Pay service. China is Asia's first, the world's fifth opening of Apple Pay payment services Region. The current global business support Apple Pay countries are the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada. Apple Pay to enter the Chinese market, is expected to do. Apple has a mass of users in China, and China's high user acceptance of new things, willing to try new services.




At present, CUP, banks, represented by the first to support Apple Pay a total of 19 banks, prompting China Apple Pay mobile payments form the three pillars of the state, Alipay, micro-channel payment, and Apple partner China UnionPay. Apple Pay can be predicted based on Apple's huge user population in China will promote the market to pay a huge change in the industry.

Apple PayApple Pay into China POS machine market leads to innovation

Apple payment and micro-payment letter, different scan code Alipay payment, online payment process, the cash register for business equipment requirements, must have a POS terminal near field payments. Requirements POS machine must contain NFC chips to complete the "drop out" payments. Currently Apple Pay can only be used on 600 million POS machines. The 600 million units have been accounted for all of the stock of POS machines Liucheng. Deployed by the central bank, by the end of May 2017, all of China POS machine will be completed by the magnetic card to the contactless IC card transformation, when all POS machines will support NFC. Traditional POS machines will be gradually replaced by the Internet POS machines.

POS + nail the first to support Apple Pay

As a nail pay mobile payment innovation company, we have been committed to the Chinese mobile payment innovation. With Apple launched Apple Pay in mainland China, it will enter an electronic payment system has been widely used in the market. Wide market coverage offline, online and offline interoperability is the key to development. Pay scenes diversification determine a comprehensive and intelligent cash register equipment. Nail pay development nails POS +, with the support of Apple Pay, but also support payments, micro-channel payment, membership card payment, bank card payments, Baidu wallet, cash and other payment methods, saving time and effort to reduce overall business operating costs.  




As the industry's leading Internet POS machines, in addition to fusion nail POS + variety of payment functions, but also with CRM customer management, data reporting, O2O marketing, industrial applications, Invoicing and other applications. Offline businesses can nail POS + cash register anywhere, anytime, but also can use nail POS + better help businesses conduct business.

With the continuous development of the Internet and innovative mobile payment innovation in the field of mobile Internet significantly reduce the transaction costs of the moment, will be paid depth industry and consumer, social, marketing services, financial planning and other industries continued close integration is the trend. In nail POS + as the representative of the Internet POS payment terminals will be much like the merchant, payment terminals product upgrading, will greatly promote the development of mobile payment.