Third-party payment larger than the core financial strategy

Posted on:2016-05-23

For a long time, as one of the earliest Internet financial formats, in addition to Alipay, most third-party payment is still a long-term stay in the level of payment instruments. Cardholders pay CEO warming systems said that now, with the value of the payment data is gradually being excavated, third-party payment services and gradually expand to the big financial change.


From the Internet to large financial Financial Strategy

In recent years, Internet + financial hot Internet + finance is to achieve financial intermediation, the new business models of financial payments, investment information and intermediary services. Although compared with traditional banking, Internet banking and innovative use of the concept of the Internet and technology, but it is still essentially financial. Financial services entity is essentially the entity for an economic model has its matching financial model.


"Big finance" strategy is not limited to the Internet and two areas of finance, but to return to the financial nature, based on large data credit, leverage, risk management, in order to provide for the payment of the entrance of integrated financial services and operational services, will be a third party pay as the representative of the Internet as a tool for financial integration into the real economy, the real economy of production, management and marketing of all aspects, increase profit point, optimizing the traditional business model of the real economy, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.


Third-party payment: major financial strategies Big Data

Under the 2015 pay both rapid growth in mobile payments and Internet background, Chinese third-party payment transaction size reached 25.75 trillion yuan, the scale of the transaction to the third party payment market in 2020 is expected to exceed 48 trillion yuan. Behind a huge deal size, a large amount of information flow, capital flow and logistics big big data has become an important asset finance. Big Data third-party payment industry has a large body, covering the wide, high-quality three characteristics, can provide strong support for the high-quality precision marketing business, customer service, financing and so on.


Based on the advantages of big data, third-party payment will be the largest financial strategic core, the integration of financial payment and industry chain will become the core competitiveness of third-party payment. Cardholders pay CEO warming systems, said the rapid increase market competitiveness, enhance cardholders pay will focus on pay, finance, IT capability 3 large core competencies to achieve third-party payment by a single payment service upgrade to integrated financial services and operational services transformation . In an expanding market, cardholders pay with a leading financial data service providers serving visible gold reached a strategic cooperation to chain industry as a breakthrough, expand Fusion pay channels, deepen industrial chain financial services.


Fusion pay: Business Big Data revolution scene at the entrance

n the era of mobile Internet, smart phones, tablet PCs and other time-line, mobile terminals and high-frequency applications as a merchant bank customers the most direct connection "tentacles", shopping, payment behavior in one go between the palm of your hand, commercial, financial and gradually dilute the boundaries of life, or all three are interacting with each other and penetration.


Pay as the most life, most have "scene" of the characteristics of financial services, the consumer can be integrated into a taxi, shopping, dining, entertainment and any other scenes of life.


2016, cardholders pay a key construction project of integration of payment through terminals, data and application integration of the three, seize the business big data revolution under the entrance scene. Specifically, terminal integration refers to the integration of various types of POS machines, multimedia, mobile phones and other intelligent terminal. Data fusion include unified interface, account management, marketing entrance, membership management, form a unified report. Application integration is an open developer platform that can be integrated marketing, financial management, card vouchers, integration, Invoicing and other applications.  




In the future, integration of payment platform will be connected to consumers, businesses and various Internet applications open intelligence platform, feature rich platform will generate more internet usage behavior, bring more user data, such as circles data, location data, user consumption data, bank account data, using these data, can be more targeted marketing of products or services designed to provide financial support for the strategy of large financial services, Internet, Internet of things applications.


Industry Chain Finance: to build an important part of the ecosystem

Warming systems, said third-party payment companies as a useful complement to bank financial institutions really want to help upgrade the industrial chain, creating an ecological closed loop, should go beyond the mere payment of past role as a financial and business consulting services to help businesses reduce management costs, improve capital efficiency.


It should provide third-party payment industry chain inside enterprise data integration, interaction and treatment services, to change the traditional supply chain finance missing information, asymmetric information and other defects, so as to enhance the efficiency of the industrial chain docking inside the enterprise and the entire industry chain cohesion and stability. Friends of the payment card industry will combine features of internal business integration, service-oriented industry, to share resources as the basis, to build a chain of financial data services platform, realize the value of ecosystem industry.


Future: Payment become the real economy at the Midas touch

In large financial strategy, third-party payment to upgrade and build ecosystem industrial chain, businesses, consumers through the payment services for consumers and businesses to build an equal participation, extensive interactive platform to enhance consumer and business stickiness and trust, promote economic and social daily life, online shopping, membership management, integral consumption, immediate needs of various types of scenarios to achieve financing, thus stimulating a virtuous cycle of finance, commerce, logistics, information industry and other industrial chain, effective integration of logistics, capital flow and information flow. This is the payment industry's ultimate goal, but also to pay for the real economy at the Midas touch.