President of the GJIA visited YILI Holdings

Posted on:2016-08-12


    Recently, the president of Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association Yang Shaowu, Star of Chang Lin Wei, chairman of jewelry party visited YILIHoldings, visited billion cubic Holdings, accompanied by Liu Lin billion cubic Holdings chairman and related corporate executives, the two sides reform and optimize Internet + jewelry industry trends, the financial boost of Internet innovation and development of the jewelry industry, jewelry industry and stage of intelligent management system conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions.

    On the day of the forum, Liu Lin trends billion cubic Holdings chairman and also chairman Yang Shaowu, Lin Chang-wei, chairman of the Elite Holdings plans to invest at this stage of the fashion jewelry industry, relevant research and market assessment for the exchange and sharing, Young Shaowu president, Lin Chang-wei, chairman of the investment holding jewelry billion cubic field of the mind, the layout and the high degree of recognition given to strategic planning.

    As the industry's leading integrated investment company, Elite Holdings has a wealth of practical experience in the areas of investment management, mobile communications, information technology hardware and software facilities of urban construction, innovative mobile payment, e-commerce. Currently, in addition to more than one billion cubic holding companies and has invested in mobile payment project management, Internet banking, smart devices, cross-border electricity providers, biotechnology and new media at the end of last year involved in fashion jewelry, cultural tourism and other fields , hoping to further expand the area of investment companies, providing investment opportunities and development opportunities more dollars.